Nova leader


Log Date June 8 1978
Location: Nova Super Max Prison TX.City Withheld

Interviewing Agent: Kyle Penworth

Subject is held in a zero G Flux Stasis chamber mark 15

I asked how dose he eat and…go? The guards tell me he doesn’t need to anymore.
Not unknown for his power level.

Why dose he have a t.v. in there?
Well…he would struggle and sap the power grid on game day so we came to a…understanding.
That’s against protocol.
Um…yeah. Look it’s just OPB.
I’ll see him now.

For me seeing a Nova throw a tanker truck is one thing. Seeing the super science they can make is a whole other thing. the mark 15 holds him up like his on a cross wrapped in a bubble of electricity. In front of him a few feet away are a couple of small crates with a t.v. on top.
His head stays still but his eye track me flawless lee.

Good day mister-
My name has no mister added to it. That is for your kind.
Very well…(Turns of t.v.)
Well that was rude of me was in it?
Yes but that’s fine. May I ask you a few questions? (At this point I notice he never blinks.)
Were you being held at a Chinese prison at the time of your eruption?
…Yes I enjoy the becoming at that time. However…when you ask me questions that you know the answers to it…upsets me.
(I swear his head turned a bit to face me at this moment.)
Well it is a question to see if your memory is intact.
…Yes. I was there when I became.
And from there you left with three others to Brazil to form a cartel.
No. We were there to form something much larger.
What were you making then?
The future…
Oh not a future for you.
(I am sure his head turned to me a bit more at that time. What caught my attention was his eyes fully dilated.)
It will be a glorious future.
(On a personal note I have seen and put down several Novas. But in that moment I truly felt afraid of him and every Nova left.)
It…will…be? But your mane friends-
Friends?! They are the chosen to be at the for front of the truth! They are the ones that can face the glare of the great glory!
I can see I have upset you. We shall finish this another time.
(I moved quickly out of the lock down area leaving him with the buzz of his t.v.)
Good bye agent! Perhaps I will see you when I chose next time.


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